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Micrometer Scale 3D Printing

German-based Nanoscribe announced a new micrometer-scale 3D printer, the Photonic Professional GT, billed as the "world's fastest commercially available 3D printer for micro- and nanostructures". 
The Photonic Professional GT uses a highly accurate, mirror-guided laser system to polymerize photosensitive material into solid objects of incredibly tiny size. The machine is capable of producing fine structures of less than 1 micrometer, as you can see in this spectacular image of a human hair with their logo built on top. (Click for larger view.)
The machine prints in such a small area the company has invented a technique for seamlessly connecting multiple build areas to compose "larger" objects. 
It's not clear how fast this device might be, but we suspect it is not quick enough for mass manufacturing. However, like many 3D printers, it should be very useful for producing prototypes of ultra-small scale. 

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