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Ping Fu Doesn't Break

Ping Fu is very well-known in the 3D printing community, as she created Geomagic, maker of powerful 3D software tools enabling freeform design, scan handling, metrology and most notably, haptic-based design (that's using a touch interface). Recently Geomagic was acquired by 3D Systems, where Ms. Fu now becomes their Chief Strategist. 
Her journey to 3D Systems traveled through not only Geomagic, but also through supercomputing and even Netscape. In her book, "Bend, Not Break:A Life in Two Worlds", she describes her very difficult beginnings in China and how she courageously entered a second, new world in the West, starting from the bottom and reaching tremendous heights of innovation. 
It seems, however, that certain elements in China did not appreciate the descriptions of her early life challenges in China. According to a report in The Daily Beast, her book was subjected to massive online down-voting in Amazon customer reviews. We've rarely seen such an astonishing pile of incredibly negative comments, many of which contain difficult personal attacks. 
Regardless of the negative comments, we're very glad Ms. Fu was and is successful in The West. 3D printing has grown because of her efforts. 
Image Credit: Wikipedia

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