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Formlabs Forms Form 1's

True to their pledge, Formlabs has begun production of their resin-based personal 3D printer, the Form 1. In an astonishing Kickstarter campaign last fall, Formlabs busted their speedometer in raising almost USD$3M. 
Now they have to deliver on those and other subsequent device orders. 
It's obviously extremely challenging for a startup to begin production. They must organize supply chains, assembly workflows, quality assurance processes and of course reliable shipping. In the image above, they're collecting "tons of large displays". Nevertheless, Formlabs appears to be executing on all of these, according to a recent blog post on their site. They say: 
Our first priority is obvious: rigorously test the first small batch of Form 1s so that you receive a quality product. After that, we will set exact delivery dates, but we are on schedule to fulfill the large majority of Kickstarter printers by the end of April. 
We're very interested to see how this new style of personal 3D printer is received by the customers. 

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