Design of the Week: Volta Necklace

This week’s selection is designer Phil Renato’s Volta, billed as “An evolving 3D printed necklace design with a serpentine linkage system.”
The necklace has indeed evolved since we featured Renato’s work many months ago. Today it is a refined design that is becoming a true product for consumers. 
The design is based on biology: 
The construction linkages are related to a traditional Hungarian trivet called a kutyagerinc, or ‘dog spine.’ Volta varies the concept by translating it to wearable art, exploring how various 3D printing technologies can make local, individualized manufacturing viable (injection molding or metal casting are not feasible as there are more than 60 different unique sizes/shapes in the design.)
The Volta necklace pictured is a test model intended to lead towards a full manufacturing business where one-of-a-kind necklace designs can be 3D printed for demanding customers. 
Renato has launched this business through Start Garden, a service that allows the public to endorse (or not) proposed business ideas. If you think Renato has a winning idea, we suggest you head over to Start Garden and Endorse him before the project expires on Thursday. 
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