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Prehistoric 3D Printing Video

And now some 3D Printing history. This amazing historic TV clip originates with a show entitled, "Good Morning America" and is dated from 1989 - twenty-four years ago. 
It's so ancient they don't even refer to the process as "3D Printing", but use "Stereolithography", the name of the process just then invented by Chuck Hull, who is also interviewed in the piece. Who's Chuck Hull, you ask? He's the founder of 3D Systems. That Chuck Hull. 
The piece also features an early Apple Computer (as it was then known) using stereolithography to help design a modem case shown here. 
Finally we can confirm that this video was actually taken in the 1980s by this screen cap of GMA then-host, the very beautiful Joan Lunden. Definitely 1980s. She says, ominously: 
Boy, it will be really interesting to see how scientists take this now and apply it in the future. 
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