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The Mysterious Pirate3D Printer

We've been peeking at the website of Pirate3D, a new startup attempting to build an inexpensive 3D printer. The Palo Alto, California-based company is not revealing much about their project.
We don't know the release date for the printer (although you can pre-order one in April). We don't know the price of the unit. We don't know the mechanical approach they're using. We don't know what the printer looks like. We don't know what features will differentiate their device from similar printers. 
What do we know? We know their device will use plastic extrusion, or as they say "FDM" (which is actually a registered trademark of Stratasys, so we hope they're properly licensed.) We know the build volume will be a decent 125x125x125mm, suitable for most common prints.  
What can we speculate on? The printer's name: one empty page on their site is labeled, "The Buccaneer™", and its URL is "/product". 
Very fitting for a Pirate3D company. 

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