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It's In PrintaBase

What's PrintaBase? It appears to be a searchable repository of 3D printing information. No 3D models here, just meta information. Their tagline is: 
The most comprehensive database for everything 3D printing.
Like you, we're wondering why their logo says "PrintaBit Beta", when their site is "PrintaBase". More than likely this will be fixed soon and it doesn't affect their function in any way. 
They store three kinds of data: Companies, Products and People. As of this writing the database includes over 400 companies, nearly 300 products (some of which have pricing listed) and almost 400 people. (Yes, we're in there, too!)
As a reference tool, PrintaBase could be quite useful, but we're not certain how useful it could be to general 3D print owners. The database doesn't include a lot of information on the entries. For example, the OBJET 1000 entry has a couple of pictures of the device, the list price and a short description. There are no machine specifications but there is a link back to the manufacturer's site to get the deets. 
Check out PrintaBase now - see if your machine is in there. Or maybe YOU are in there! 

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