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The Mystery of Modelyst

In recent days we've observed several printable 3D model repository startups. Some are existing non-printable 3D model repositories hoping to get in on the 3D printing craze, but some are brand new and dedicated to 3D printable models. 
Which brings us to Modelyst. 
What is it? Well, we're not exactly certain. They have a blank Facebook page, a Twitter account that requests your input via surveys and a blank launch page offering an email notification when they launch. We did find a few tidbits that may indicate something about their plans: 
Modelyst is an all-in-one 3D printing service that allows users to: -Download, sell, create, share, purchase, send and gift 3D printing models, designs, and much more... 
... our target niche will be FIRST robotics students.
and ominously, 
Pandora of 3D printing
Yes, Modelyst seems to be another repository. We're not sure how well these new services will fare, particularly when they're up against Thingiverse, which offers a very large variety of free 3D models. At this point the 3D printing market is still very new and people are less likely to purchase 3D models when they can get "something" at no charge. 
Regardless, we're awaiting the launch of Modelyst to see more. 

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