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Nokia's 3D Printing Adventure

Nokia has long used 3D printing internally to design cases and shapes for their handsets, but now they're permitting customers to do the same. 
Nokia has released the 3D model files required for designing your very own back cover for their new Lumina 820 handset. The model includes the structures required to match the back of the handset, while you can add or change the rest to produce a totally unique Lumina 820 experience. 
You don't even have to own a 3D printer to do this. Your 3D model can be sent to a 3D print service such as Shapeways, Sculpteo or i.Materialise for production - and those services offer the ability to print in many different materials beyond that used in home 3D printers. 
Perhaps it's simply a marketing ploy, but nevertheless you actually can produce custom cases. It remains to be seen whether this will go the viral route that Nokia prefers. 
If you have a Nokia Lumina 820, would you make your own case? 
Via Nokia and Nokia

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