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Hod Lipson's book

3D printing afficiando Hod Lipson has just published a new book on 3D printing entitled, "Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing". Co-authored with Melba Kurman, the book "tells the story of 3D printers".  
Lipson, Professor of Engineering at Cornell, is well known within the 3D printing community for his work developing concepts related to 3D printing and his frequent speaking appearances at 3D printing events. Kurman is a technology analyst focusing on game-changing technologies. 
The book takes the reader through a journey of history, current state and a glimpse at the possible future of 3D printing. 
We've been hoping to see a book such as Fabricate, which should be able to properly address the public's growing need for information about 3D printing. As hype over 3D printing grows, we need trusted voices to keep everyone close to reality.  
And that reality is, and will be, amazing. 
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