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The Future is 3-D Counts Down

We've been looking at The Future Is 3-D's website and found they've been working on a new model to join their existing Glacier 3D printer: it's called the "Avalanche". 
We don't know much about it, other than there's a countdown page to the launch. We do know that their existing machine, the Glacier, is a rather hefty-sized unit. It is capable of printing within a huge build volume of 305x305x229mm or an even stupendously larger 406x406x533mm. 
Ominously, the Avalanche page says (emphasis ours):
The Avalanche is going to be the largest, and most advanced printer we have produced so far. We are not taking any orders at this time. We are not releasing any information at this time.
What? It's going to be Even Larger? Larger than 406x406x533mm? Could they be building the first 1000x1000x1000mm low-cost 3D printer? 
We won't find out until launch day, June 1st. 

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