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The Robo Personal 3D Printer

Yes, Robo is another one of those new 3D printers that appear on crowdfunding sites, but what makes it different? For one thing you'll immediately notice that it's got a very attractive case - and that's just the start. 
Each new filament-based 3D printer startup focuses on a particular aspect to make them stand out. Robo's focus is cost. They aim to be the lowest priced personal 3D printer they can be. This seems to be born out on their Kickstarter page, where they offered PLA printing kits at USD$475 and fully assembled versions at a mere USD$520. 
And it's not a basic machine, either. They say the Robo can print at 0.1mm vertical resolution, which should produce some very clean prints.  
While their Kickstarter campaign successfully concluded with them over-raising USD$649,663 of their USD$49,000 goal, you can still order a unit at their website. Pricing is slightly different: USD$699 for an upgraded model capable of printing ABS and PLA plastic, while they also offer a PLA-only unit for USD$599. 
It seems that price is definitely a factor for consumers shopping for 3D printers. 

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