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Nissan’s Delta Wing Testbed Utilizes Additive Manufacturing


Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to car design, and Nissan isn’t taking any prisoners with their Deltawing racer.
According to Nissan, the concept behind the Deltawing is “to half the aerodynamic drag, half the power, half the mass, half the fuel consumption, and half the tire consumption [while] still achieving the performance of our competitors.”   
To achieve these results Nissan’s designers teamed up with CRP Technology, a leader in motorsports additive manufacturing, to create race able parts for their car. Included in the list of parts that were created by 3D printing were the Delatwing’s brake inlets and ducting, air inlet ducting and filter enclosure, underbody extension flange and the gearbox side covers. Key to the integrity of these 3D printed parts was their material – Windform XT.


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