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Design of the Week: Coffee Filigree

This week's selection is the Coffee Filigree by Brian Drescher of The Netherlands. Drescher says: 
Another variation of the coffee cup filigree. An example of common objects transformed into art via 3D printing. Click the blue animation button to see it from all angles. Available also as a full-scale (10cm) table-top object.
You can own your own copy of this item by simply purchasing one (or more) at Drescher's Shapeways shop. 
Drescher specializes in the "filigree" approach as he offers several similar objects on his Shapeways shop. But this one in particular caught our eye for one reason. The object is a cup, but it's non-functional. If used, your java would quickly spill through the object. But if it's non-functional, then what is it? 
It's art. 

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