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Forbes Points to 3D Print Services

We're reading an article from Forbes in which they predict the "early action" on 3D printers will be in the form of services. They correctly state that the number of home 3D printers is kinda small right now, saying:
the number of US households that actually own one of these super-cool devices is less than the number iPads sold in the course of a day.
True, but to say there's little action on home 3D printing would not be accurate. In the past few years we've seen the emergence of dozens of companies dedicated to personal 3D printing and some of them are now on steep growth curves. Yes, it will take time to become large, but there's tons of action. 
Another area is commercial / industrial 3D printing. There are now several very large manufacturers of 3D printing equipment capable of prototyping and even final production, involving perhaps hundreds of different materials. Again, lots of action. 
Is there action in 3D printing? Yes. In services, in industry and definitely in the home. It's a field growing vast. 
Via Forbes

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