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Parametric Parts' CadQuery


Looking for an easy way to generate parametric 3D models? Tired of OpenSCAD? There's a new approach from Parametric Parts that permits easy programmatic generation of 3D models: CadQuery
Wait a sec, what's "programmatic"? It's a method of creating a scalable 3D solid model using commands instead of visually through a graphics interface. Changing the model is as simple as editing a command. 
But why CadQuery? Why not just use OpenSCAD? According to Parametric Products CTO Dave Cowden: 
CadQuery is a fluent API for building 3d content-- with the idea that objects are much easier to create than with CAD systems or with OpenSCAD.
The ParametricParts platform will allow executing, sharing, and hacking the scripts, to allow the spread of generative, fully parametric 3d models. 
Indeed, the syntax for CadQuery commands does look very interesting and it should prove easy to make parts. We suspect that the service will have an extensive library of pre-made components to draw upon. 
Parametric Parts offers free and paid access to its online service, the difference being the amount of downloads permitted and the ability to export in unusual industrial 3D file formats. 


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