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SuperScan Digitizes the World

A partnership between digital scanning company CyArk and science media company Science Visualization could bring the world's treasures to a science center near you. 
The team combines expertise to create a traveling exhibition that commences in 2014 called, "SuperScan: Digitizing the World". CyArk has been digitally scanning notable structures across the world. Science Visualizations will produce an exhibition containing explanations of laser scanning, photogrammetry and of course, 3D printed examples of scanned structures. 
According to their press release, the exhibit will include: "scans of Mayan ruins at Tikal, Pisa’s Piazza del Duomo, Mount Rushmore, and Mesa Verde" and an ability to print 3D portraits. 
We're hoping this exhibition is a success, as it will continue the public's education on the technology of 3D printing. 
Meanwhile, what kind of scanner did CyArk use to capture such large models? 

3D Printing Changes Everything

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