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Stratasys-Objet Announces First Quarterly Results

We've long followed Stratasys' publicly reported financial results, as it and 3D Systems tend to mirror public investor feelings about 3D printing. This quarter's financial results are a little different because this is the first quarter where the "new" Stratasys includes recent acquisition, Objet. 
So what happened? Plenty! Revenue is up 23% and income rose 40% comparing 4Q2012 vs 4Q2011. The income is particularly interesting, as it suggests Stratasys and Objet may be leveraging systems and processes behind the scenes to generate big savings. 
One interesting statistic was revealed: "The Company has shipped 29,816 systems worldwide as of December 31, 2012." That's a lot of 3D printers, particularly when you consider that these units are not inexpensive desktop devices. 
The state of 3D printing is good. 

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