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Sandboxr's Figurine Service

There's another 3D print service about to emerge: Sandboxr. It's specialized for the easy creation of 3D figurines using a friendly interactive interface. 
The new service should enable you to create a unique figurine 3D model by posing a pre-made highly detailed 3D model prepared by professional artists. It appears very reminiscent of game characters being brought into a 3D printing environment. In fact, the pre-made characters include animations you can scroll through to find the perfect pose. There will be a variety of relevant accessories to adorn your model. 
Once you've finished designing your model, you'll have an option to send it to Sandboxr's 3D printers to produce a physical print of your design. The prints appear to be in full color, suggesting they're produced on a ZCorp printer model. 
As of this moment, Sandboxr seeks funding via a Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is $125,000, mainly to obtain additional 3D printers for production. 
We believe Sandboxr could be a terrific service for many people. There's a large population interested in cool figurines and when you combine that interest with 3D printing, what could happen? 

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