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Tacori Rings Expands 3D Printing Capability

Ring manufacturer Tacori has just acquired a brand new 3D Systems Projet 3500 CPX Max 3D printer, a device specifically designed for production of jewelry. The new machine permits a much more rapid ring development process at Tacori, changing how they create and deliver products. Tacori's President of Sales and Marketing, Paul Tacorian, says: 
Instead of relying on wax moldings, which can allow for individual imperfections, Tacori can now produce every special order design using computer-aided design technology and the brand new rapid prototype machine.  This will dramatically increase the quality of all Tacori designs for all of our customers.
It's startling to realize how much industry can be changed by implementing new machinery - and even more startling to realize how few companies are taking advantage of that opportunity today. Let's take another look in ten years and see how things have changed. 
Via and Tacori (Hat tip to James)

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