Design of the Week: Strain My Tea

Design of the Week: Strain My Tea
This week’s selection is “Strain My Tea” by Shapeways creator sbf54. This item is both attractive, functional and practical, making it an excellent choice. 
Design of the Week: Strain My Tea
Using the teacup is straightforward: pull your teabag into the upper chamber to strain it out and then enjoy your hot beverage. 
Design of the Week: Strain My Tea
Strain My Tea is available on Shapeways for purchase at a price of USD$98. The cup is printed using Shapeways’ glazed ceramic materials in Avocado Green, Pastel Yellow, Eggshell Blue, Satin Black, Gloss Black or the white Glazed Ceramic. 
Our preference? White. Teacups should always be white, shouldn’t they? 
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