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3D Printed Business Figures

Everyone hands out business cards - it's been the standard method of exchanging business information for a very long time. But now Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen in The Netherlands has created an alternative approach using 3D printing: Business Figurines. 
3DWergen's client, Resoluut, a web and software firm, already had several cartoons used as part of their branding. 3DWergen built upon these concepts to create twelve 3D model figurines, each corresponding to Resoluut's staff members. They say: 
Every employee at Resoluut has his/her own action hero. We paid much attention to the proportions and postures of the cartoons to retain the original style. The back and side views of the models still had to be imagined: a creative challenge!
The results are pretty amazing. One action figure even has a transparent space helmet! 
Needless to say, Resoluut's clients are totally impressed with the rather notable "cards". However, it might prove difficult to store a few hundred of these figurines for all your business contacts. Imagine your cubicle lined with rows of colorful contacts. 

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