Making It Real at OCAD U

Making It Real at OCAD U
Canada’s OCAD University is sponsoring a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated objects between May 14-28 during the Toronto International Jewelry Festival. Specifically they’re concerned with the fuzzy boundary between prototype and finished product. They say: 
Virtual objects occupy a grey area between representation and realization. How do we define the point at which a virtual object becomes real? When does the prototype becomes the archetype, or the approximation become fixed? Making It Real seeks object-makers from all domains who are critically engaged with these issues. Of particular interest are objects that explore the formal and material expressive potentials of 3-D printing technologies; objects that represent a redefinition of traditional design and fabrication practices; and objects that maximize the new opportunities that direct digital manufacturing creates.
Entrants will electronically transmit their entries via 3D model files, which are then printed onsite at the exhibition. You’ll have to pay a CA$25 entry fee and submit your .STL files along with associated images and documentation to successfully enter this event. 
Of note is the jury for this exhibition, which includes one Jessica Rosenkrantz of Nervous Systems, one of the more notable 3D printed jewelry designers. 
Entries close on April 19th, so you should now prepare your bestest 3D jewelry models. 
Via MakingItReal (Hat tip to Phillip)
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