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Stratasys Reorganizes Its 3D Printer Lines

We've been patiently waiting for changes in Stratasys' product lineup since they officially merged with Objet and now we've found out what they're doing. 
Stratasys arrived into the merger with two product lines: Dimension, which included smaller FDM machines such as the 1200es, uPrint and Mojo, and Fortus, which included large full-on production 3D printers. Objet arrived into the merger with their Connex and Eden lines of 3D printers. 
The new product configuration has only three clearly defined lines: 
  1. Idea Series: includes the smallest and least expensive prototyping machines, the uPrint and Mojo
  2. Design Series: includes the former Objet lines, Connex and Eden
  3. Production Series: includes the Fortus production machines. 
It's all very clear now, isn't it? 

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