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3D Printing Stocks Leveling Off?

After massive jumps in price over the past year or so, the stock values of the major 3D printing companies seem to be leveling off, at least for the moment. Both 3D Systems and Stratasys hit peaks earlier this year and now are flattening a bit, at least it appears so from the Google Finance graph above. 

This is normal, we believe. The general public's shift from not having a hot clue about 3D printing to hearing it on a daily basis over the past couple of years obviously raised expectations and inevitably drove up the stock prices. As people have locked in their investments, learned more about the technology and had more 3D printing investment choices, the price rise was bound to flatten. 

Meanwhile, ARCAM, a niche 3D printing stock that recently became available, continues to rise as it becomes known to the investment community. 

Via Google Finance

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