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A 3D Printed Snowblower

Supermaker Kris Kortright has been building a "Snow Droid". The project involved adding robotic capability to a standard Snapper 24" Snow Blower using electronics from Adafruit. While winter is now officially over, the project began last fall, and as far as we can tell, is still in progress. 
The Snow Droid's key feature is the head as seen above. It includes stereo cameras to presumably observe the snowy path being blown clear. Processing is provided by an inexpensive Raspberry Pi controller. We're interested because the head itself is 3D printed. The green version shown above is a prototype of the final (red) Snow Droid. 
While electronics always get a lot more interesting when implanted in a custom case, this one has several special requirements: it must be watertight, wind-tight and provide some level of shock-proofing. 

Point. Click. Gun.

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