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BFB Fades Away

One of 3D printing's most venerable brands is set to disappear! Bits From Bytes, a.k.a. BFB, will no longer exist as a brand. According to their Facebook post:
On April 1, 2013 we will be discontinuing the 3D Touch and Rapman and integrating our website and social channels with 3D Systems. Both printers will continue to be fully supported with more information to come. Please join us on our 3D Systems social channels and 3D Systems consumer community, Cubify. On Cubify you'll be able to share in the marketplace, play with new apps and design tools, turn your models into apps, and monetize a 3D business. 
This was totally expected after BFB's acquisition by 3D Systems some years ago, and especially after seeing the successor to BFB's flagship product, the 3D Touch, being branded as the CubeX. 
The 3D Touch is replaced by the CubeX and the Rapman is replaced by the little Cube.  
Well done, BFB. We'll miss you! 

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