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MakerBot's Replicator 2X Ships

MakerBot's latest and greatest personal 3D printer is now in the mail - if you ordered one, that is. The Replicator 2X, announced at CES in January has emerged from manufacturing. Coincidentally, MakerBot has also released version 2.0 of MakerWare, the software used to drive the MakerBot. 
The 2X differs from its sibling, the "2", in that it offers 2 heads and is capable of reliably printing in ABS plastic as well as PLA plastic. MakerBot considers this an "experimental" 3D printer, as ABS is a lot trickier to handle than the 2's PLA. We suspect many experiments will involve the two extruders, which enable two-color 3D printing, something MakerBot calls, "Dualstrusion"
Watch out for many black and white salt and pepper shakers. 

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