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How 3D Printing Saved His Face

Eric Moger of the UK recovered from surgery to remove a tennis ball-sized tumor from under this skin of the left side of his face. Unfortunately, a large portion of his face had to be removed during the surgery, rendering him significantly disfigured. 
All was not lost for Moger, as technicians were able to use several modern technologies to perform a partial reconstruction of his face. 
A 3D CT scan of his remaining facial bones was used to develop a 3D model of a replacement bone portion, which was milled from metal and implanted. While this provided underlying structure, it did not complete the surface reconstruction. 
Another 3D scan of the surviving side of his face was done, then reversed in software to create a 3D model for a left-handed "surface shell". A 3D printer then produced a model used to form a silicone mask that fits over the affected area. 
It's not perfect, but these steps have permitted Moger to resume many normal life activities. 

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