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XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions

Amsterdam is the location of a new exposition featuring 3D printing. "XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions" takes place from April 2 to June 2 at Prinsengracht 266. 
The exposition, evidently sponsored by Ground3d in cooperation with CNCPT13, an Amsterdam concept gallery, features many notable 3D print artists, including: Ilse Vermeulen, Ervinck Nick, Eric van Straaten, Joshua Harker, Theo Jansen, Xander Lust, Jiri Evenhuis, Janne Kyttanen, Bathsheba Grossman, Patrick Jouin, Peter Jansen, Luc Merx and Arik Levy.
Those in our near Amsterdam had better check this out.  It looks like some fun items will be on display.

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