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EFF Challenges 3D Printing Patent Applications

In a dramatic move, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched legal challenges against six foundational patent applications directly related to 3D printing. They've done this by submitting prior art (evidence of prior use or invention by others) to the proper authorities. 
The six patents include: 
  • 3D model Voxel-based additive manufacturing
  • UV-curable materials
  • Support structure generation
  • A method for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Chocolate 3D printing
  • Use of ribbon filaments
Will the EFF succeed in overturning these patent applications? We have no idea, as the mysteries of US Patent processing are well beyond our comprehension level. Whatever the outcome, we are certain it will take a very long time. 
These six patent applications appear to be only the beginning. The EFF says it will next pursue additional patent applications, some of which could be related to 3D printing. 

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