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The Gigabot

When the name of the product is "Gigabot", it's not hard to imagine their key feature: size. From Texas-based re:3D, the Gigabot has one of the largest print volumes we've seen in a personal 3D printer: a whopping 600x600x600mm (that's two FEET cubed, for you Imperial measurers). 
The Gigabot is capable of layer sizes as low as 0.1mm, but we suspect large prints at that resolution would take literally forever to complete, even with the snappy 90mm/sec print speed. 
You're not going to be able to print in ABS plastic on the Gigabot. It's "designed for PLA", and we're not at all surprised, as attempting to print ABS at that size would create warps that could swallow Captain Kirk, unless they enclose the entire Gigabot in a heated chamber, or at least offer a heated bed. They say they may include a heated bed in the future, however. 
Gigabot was launched on Kickstarter, as so many 3D printer projects do these days, with a goal of raising USD$40,000. They're well over that now, closing in on USD$200,000 by their close date of May 9th. 
The price of a Gigabot has been slowly rising as demand increases for the giant 3D printer. Units available at USD$2000 are long gone, but there are still units purchasable at USD$3450. 
If you like Big, you'd best check out the Gigabot.

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