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New Zealand Panics Over 3D Printing

A report from New Zealand's 3 News shows big concerns about 3D printing are brewing in that Pacific nation. Minister of Customs Maurice Williamson has evidently learned about 3D printing technology and believes that: 
Household printers are likely to be able to manufacture drugs, weapons and other contraband in just a few years, which will make New Zealand’s borders extremely vulnerable.
Indeed, this could happen. So what is New Zealand to do? Apparently, this: 
He has asked his department to begin thinking of ideas on how to prevent these items from entering the country through file-sharing over the internet.
We kinda think that might be a rather tricky process. How could you possibly inspect New Zealand-bound data packets for hidden contraband 3D models? What actually is a contraband 3D model, anyway? The possibilities are infinite, which is likely inversely proportional to the likelihood of success of that approach. 
Meanwhile, who's to say that 3D designers in New Zealand won't make their own contraband 3D models? 
Things are just starting to get interesting. 
Via 3 News

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