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You Should Check Out ShouldBee

The explosion of 3D model repositories and services continues. Today we're checking out ShouldBee, a USA-based service that develops 3D models from which you can purchase full color 3D prints. 
We found ShouldBee's process a little different from the typical "we have a pile of models, pick one" approach used by other model repositories. ShouldBee has a crowdsourced model where anyone can submit a design for consideration by the ShouldBee community. 
If a particular design warrants a lot of votes, they'll consider producing a full design capable of being 3D printed. Once in their gallery, the design receives a small commission (3-5%) each time a print is sold. 
The submitted designs need not be a 3D model of any kind; ShouldBee encourages creative types to merely produce a 2D drawing (with multiple angles) of a proposed character. From these drawings do the ShouldBee designers create a true 3D model. This should enable many more people to get engaged in the 3D printing industry. 
But what kind of designs does ShouldBee want? This: 
Whether you love to design manga characters or surreal, expressionistic monsters, we want to see your craziest creation as long as they can be produced into a toy. 

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