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Design of the Week: Aerial Working Platform

This week's selection is a rather detailed replica model of a scissor-lift work platform by Rob's Model Workshop. The Workshop has produced a number of highly realistic models of working machines, but we liked this one due to its articulated nature. According to the website: 
RMW is providing innovative and unique accessories for the hobby scale-modelling market. We focus on models that you can't find anywhere else. Our current focus is on the H0/1:87 scale. We currently only produce kits, which you still have to paint and assemble. We use the latest 3D printing production techniques. We don't keep stock; whenever you order, the products are created (printed) and shipped to you. 
The aerial platform is scaled to 1:87 (HO scale) and is available for purchase at Shapeways for only USD$60. 

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