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A 3D Printing Magazine

Design magazine Dezeen has suddenly launched a print publication specifically focused on 3D printing: Print Shift. It's actually a paper publication produced using online print-on-demand service Blurb. 
The magazine contains stories about 3D printing targeted at consumers new to the technology, such as "Four Names to Know in the 3D-Printing World" or "Your Clothes Could Soon Be Coming Out Of The Printer". The publication seems to focus on design, rather than technical aspects: 
Print Shift is a magazine that explores the fast-changing world of 3D printing and analyses the way it is changing the worlds of architecture and design.
Unlike web content, Print Shift is not freely available. You are able to purchase a copy for £8.95 (USD$14) - but the edition is completely ad-free. Once ordered, a high-quality paper version will be printed and swiftly sent to your location. 
Via Blurb

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