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Cubify Launches 3DMe

Billed as "Personalized 3D Printed Figurines", the new Cubify 3DMe service does just that. Upload a photo of a face and paste it on one of several pre-made figurines and they'll 3D print you. Literally. 
There's quite a large selection of figurines to choose from, including Male/Female, Sports, Jobs, Costumes and Occasions. For example, you could choose, "Cowboy", "Superheroine", "Hockey Player", "Lucha Libre Wrestler", "Knight", "Sexy Nurse", "Chef", "Graduate", etc. There WILL be a figurine you will like. 
These are ideal to be used as gifts, trophies and especially as cake toppers.
Two color photos are best practice for upload, a Front and a Profile, although they can do with just a Front if necessary. We assume they simply duplicate the profile on the opposite side of the head, so this technique might not work if you are somehow asymmetrical. 3DMe then adds a base onto which you can add a custom message.
Priced at USD$65, the figurines are 3D printed in full color on the company's ZCorp printers. 
There's a poll at 3DMe asking what genre of figurines to produce next, including options for Fairy, Vampires and Pirates. We think Pirates. Don't you? 

Geomagic and Alibre Merge

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