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Digital Man Evolves Through 3D Printing

A fascinating art installation leveraging 3D printing is proposed by artist Bill Westheimer of New Jersey. His work "Ascent" explores the idea of transforming "analog man" into "digital man". 
He started with a 3D scan of a hand and then performed successive transformations on it to produce "hands" that evolve into a digital form. This builds on his recent book, "Manual - The Personalities of Hands", which profiles hands, famous and not. 
Why Kickstarter? While he's already produced an example installation of the Ascent concept (as shown above), it's only a limited set. The fundraising campaign seeks to enable the construction of a full installation: 
The plan is to create an art installation of twenty sculptures 3D printed in translucent plastic, each with a custom marble base, also a life-size bronze casting of a real human hand; along with 180 framed 14"x11" silver gelatin photogram prints, build transport crates for the artwork, and find exhibition opportunities for the completed Ascent Project.
If this sounds interesting to you, consider donating to this project - and you'll receive various combinations and sizes of sculptures depending on the amount pledged. 

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