PC MAG Reviews The Cube

This is interesting: a mainstream magazine has reviewed 3D Systems’s introductory personal 3D printer, The Cube. Treating The Cube as “just another consumer product” seems to be hitting a milestone of sorts. 
But what did PC MAG say about The Cube? Their “Bottom Line”:
Although the Cube 3D Printer doesn’t provide the hassle-free experience we hope for in consumer-oriented products, it’s relatively easy to set up and use, and provides decent build quality.
It appears that the PC MAG review team was able to get through the instructions to setup up and operate The Cube, although as they say above, it is a bit more than the general public would expect from an appliance. They successfully 3D printed objects, but encountered some issues with filament loading (likely due to unfamiliarity with the process) and a less-than responsive control screen. But otherwise they found the experience successful and printed some 20 objects. 
They often compared The Cube to MakerBot’s Replicator 2, but we feel this is not a fair comparison, as the two devices are not only priced differently, but have different target markets. The Cube is focused on ease of use for general consumers, whereas the Rep2 targets prosumers and professionals. 
Nevertheless, it’s good to see a 3D printer reviewed alongside other common devices. 
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