The mUVe 1 3D Printer

With the expiration of key patents around photo-curable 3D printer techniques, we’ve seen several new resin-based personal 3D printer projects. Now another has emerged, the mUVe 1 from mUVe 3D, created as a part-time project by maker Michigan-based Dean Piper. The mUVe 1 is the first product from mUVe 3D, now seeking initial funding via an Indiegogo campaign. 
The mUVe 1 has been built in prototype form, seen without an exterior case above. The RepRap-powered device provides a reasonable build volume of 145 x 145 x 185mm, suitable for the majority of personal 3D prints.  
There are several ways of photo-curing resin, but the mUVe 1 uses a 405nm laser. One intriguing feature is a “Laser Iris Diaphragm”, which “allows hugely scalable resolution, .1mm is tested and working.” That’s the promise of resin-based 3D printing: ultra-high resolution. It seems that the mUVe 1 delivers that. 
Our look at mUVe 3D’s progress so far is promising, but they’ve yet to solve a few issues, the most prominent being the design of the resin reservoir. 
In the long term, mUVe 3D intends on selling parts to assist your own mUVe 1 construction projects to support their operations. Meanwhile today you can get involved by participating in their Indiegogo campaign, which actually looks like a pretty good deal: for USD$999 you can obtain a complete kit to build your own mUVe 1, a price lower than most other resin-based options. 
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