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3D Printed Nudes

There are endless applications for 3D printing technology. One can create replacement appliance parts, build a machine, equip a UAV and much more. Everyone focuses on some specific use of 3D printing, and today we've bumped into a new one we hadn't seen before: 3D Printed Nudes. 
It's not quite what you think. 3D Printed Nudes is a blog where the author, the anonymous Entiresia says: "I am inspired by the sculptures of Auguste Rodin and the photography of Sascha Hüttenhain". Indeed, Entiresia's 3D prints are true works of art, both visually and technically. 
Entiresia experiments with different plastics, parameters and finishing approaches to create the most beautiful art sculptures we've seen in a while. And, yes, they are all nude models. 
We're most impressed with the careful use of the acetone vapor finishing technique. The results are truly impressive, as you can see in the image above; the print layers are totally smoothed on a surface that truly requires smoothness. (Click for larger view)
Please take a look at this exploration of art and technology. 

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