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Design of the Week: Reeds Bangle

This week's selection is the wispy Reeds Bangle by MarmaladePark, a.k.a. Rachel from the Oxford, UK. The attractive bracelet is composed of repeated twisty strands that gradually overlap and form a bracelet. We liked the sweepy form as it reminded us of natural shapes. MarmaladePark says: 
This design was inspired by the movements of reeds and grasses in the breeze. When I look at it around me the city melts away and I find myself sitting on the river bank.
You can get one of these from MarmaladePark's Shapeways or Etsy store, but you might notice the Shapeways store only offers White or Black options. MarmaladePark recommends: 
If you'd like a custom colour I'd recommend dyeing the white version with Jacquard acid dyes that are suitable for nylon.
MarmaladePark is one artist that sees the potential in 3D printing technology: 
I used to be a graphic designer designing for the web. I enjoyed it but there was a little bit of me that wasn't satisfied. I decided what I really wanted was to see my designs living and breathing in the real world.
So do we. And so do you. 
Via Shapeways and Etsy

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