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Win an Ultimaker 3D Printer from GrabCAD

If you have ideas for new toys on your brain, consider entering GrabCAD's new "Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design Challenge". Your entry could win you a brand new, fully assembled Ultimaker personal 3D printer. 
In fact, GrabCAD and Ultimaker are offering no less than five Ultimakers as prizes, four of which are fully assembled. There's more prizes, too. 
The contest involves submitting design entries for children's toys, preferably with multiple parts, each of which must fit within Ultimaker's build volume of 21 x 21 x 21 cm. Interestingly, the contest accepts entries only submitted in STEP or IGES format, suggesting they're looking for creators using more advanced 3D modeling tools. 
Who wins? We don't know, but the panel of distinguished judges will evaluate the entries based on their creativity and coolness, as well as their ability to successfully print on an Ultimaker. 

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