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More 3D Printing Investment Possibilities

When you're interested in investing in 3D printing, there doesn't seem to be a lot of options at first glance. The publicly traded 3D printer manufacturers are few: Stratasys, 3D Systems and most recently, ExOne. 
Is that all the choice you have? No! There's more ways to catch the 3D printing boom. 
Aside from privately investing in the numerous 3D printing startups, there are several big companies that have key stakes in the 3D printing industry whose stock price should rise as interest increases. 
They're software companies. Companies who provide the software tools needed to make use of 3D printing. Here's a few publicly traded companies you might consider checking out: 
  • AutoDesk, NASDAQ:ADSK. Among the major 3D modeling software makers, AutoDesk seems to be the one addressing personal 3D printing most clearly. 
  • Siemens AG, NYSE:SI. While Siemens is a gigantic company, they also make Solid Edge, one of the leading 3D design tools. 
  • Trimble, NASDAQ:TRMB. Trimble focuses on navigation tools, but recently took over management of SketchUp from Google, possibly indicating a move into the 3D space. 
  • Faro, NASDAQ:FARO. Faro makes a line of accurate 3D scanner hardware, essential to many 3D printing workflows.
One notable investment that's not available for public trading is Dassault Systèmes, makers of SolidWorks and several other 3D modeling tools. 
There's even more opportunities if you dig deeper. 
Are others considering these companies? Yes, indeed. Seeking Alpha had a recent piece promoting investment in AutoDesk. 
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