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Kees 3D Printed Cases

We've run across a new 3D print service called "Kees", which specializes in personalized mobile phone cases. While there seems to be oh, a zillion iPhone case options out there, the Kees service permits significant customization, as you can see in the image below. Each option offers many different choices, with dozens of backgrounds and images. Push the button, pay USD$45 and you'll receive a personalized case. 
We understand that in addition to the customizable designs, Kees will also offer fixed options from notable designers: 
For our next step we will be offering specially designed Kees from various designers. These special editions will not be customisable, they are specially produced to the designers specifications. The first design studio to participate in this will be Dutch design studio 310k. 310k are based in Amsterdam and have a recognizable but undefinable style, of course we are very enthusiastic about this new direction.
Via Kees

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