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Pirate3D Reveals Their Buccaneer

They may be called "Pirate3D", but their new personal 3D printer, the Buccaneer, is no criminal. The Buccaneer's design seems significantly different than other personal 3D printers. 
The most obvious difference is a very refined external look. The shiny case is masterfully simple - it doesn't even have a single button. We believe in simplicity as it enables more people to use 3D printers; evidently so does Pirate3D. Pirate3D's CEO, Roger Chang told us: 
We aimed to produce an easy to use 3D printer that would look sleek on your desktop.
Another key differentiating feature is the method of delivering plastic filament. Instead of the usual sloppy spools of filament and associated fun changing them, Pirate3D has opted for a "revolutionary central-feeding cartridge", which is apparently "easy to handle and load/unload". It appears that it's a unique patent-pending method for much simpler loading, as you can envision in the image above.
There are few stats on the Buccaneer itself, but it does include a 150 x 100 x 120mm build volume within a 25 x 25cm footprint. We also don't know the price of the unit, although they say it will be less than USD$1000. We understand they'll release more information in "coming weeks."  
Via PRWeb

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