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Design of the Week: Memorial Bust of a Woman

This week's selection is Memorial Bust of a Woman by artist Sophie Kahn. What appears to be a relic-like representation of a woman is actually much more. It's a self-portrait, obtained using 3D laser scanning to obtain a rough 3D model. 
But it's an inaccurate capture, as the artist moves very slightly during the scanning process to introduce a kind of 3D motion blur. The model is then "fragmented" into pieces and 3D printed. Finally, they are assembled into the completed piece. 
We've seen (and performed) many human scan-to-prints, but this one is very different. It's a unique 3D style that continues to explore the capabilities of 3D printing technology. 
Kahn is currently exhibiting this work and several other similar works at the Art Institute of Chicago until June 7th. 

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