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Now You Can Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Cubify launched a new dynamic 3D model service specifically for Trekkies: Personalized 3D Printed Star Trek Figurines. If you never had a chance to appear on the show (and who could have?) you now can put yourself in a Star Fleet uniform. 
The USD$69.99 offer requires a bit of input from you, as do all dynamic model generators. You'll need to provide images of your face as well as a choice of gender, pose (including "tricorder", vulcan salute, phaser, at attention, etc), shirt color (Don't Pick Red whatever you do!) rank, weight, height and a message.  
The new Cubify service will take those parameters and automatically create your own figurine with their color 3D printers. After a short trip in the mail, you'll have it in your hand. 
At this stage the service only offers uniforms from the original Star Trek series - but they may be offering more in the future as there is a poll on the site asking which uniforms visitors prefer: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. 
No word on "Enterprise", for some reason. Hm. 
Via Cubify

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