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CGTrader's Massive 3D Print Competition

There's a lot of 3D print competitions lately, but this one seems to involve more prizes than we've seen before. CGTrader's "3D Printing Competition" seeks fully 3D printable models to be uploaded before June 30th, when they will be judged by CGTrader staff. 
What makes this competition different is the quantity and quality of prizes. Winners receive: an Ultimaker 3D printer, multiple 3D print services, filament coupons, retail shelf space for sales, publicity and CGTrader credits. 
Prizes are awarded for the "Best 3D Printable Portfolio", based on submissions from a designer's uploads during the competition as well as for the individual "Best 3D Printable Model". Two runners-up in each category will also be selected and will receive smaller, but still substantial prizes. 
Who will win? The judges will decide based on quality, innovation, uniqueness, presentation and of course, printability. 
If you're a designer with cool ideas, you should check out this competition. 

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