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FabFabbers Opens

Yet another 3D model sharing site has opened: FabFabbers. Like many such repositories, FabFabbers permits members to upload models, showcase them in listings for download by visitors. But what differentiates this repository from the rest? 
There are two features we found particularly interesting: uploaded models can actually be stored on GitHub, which is a very popular software repository with sophisticated versioning services. You can, for example, update your model to a new version and it would automatically be reflected at FabFabbers. 
The other interesting feature is live OpenSCAD in a browser window. You can code in OpenSCAD on the left side of the screen, while your adjustments appear in a 3D rotatable window on the right. 
At this point there are well over 100 items in the FabFabbers repository, but we suspect more will be arriving soon. 

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